Piste of Mind is the UKs only bespoke ski and snowboard luggage carriage company designed to take all stress and strain out of ski travel. Collecting from your home (or chosen location) Piste of Mind delivers your skis, boards and luggage directly to your resort - leaving you to travel stress free as you start your holiday.We also collect from your resort and deliver to your home. For the 2016-2017 season we have added collection/delivery points to collect and receive your luggage and Express service for that late unexspected request.
Covering all of the French, Austrian, Swiss and Italian Alps, this season, we also deliver to Andorra and Bulgaria - as well as your ski equipment - Piste of Mind now transports all your luggage too, offering the ultimate in hassle free ski travel.-We deliver to all locations within the Countries listed.


  • Pre-booked luggage delivery/collection removes any need to carry heavy bags and skis whilst travelling. Travel becomes significantly easier.
  • No queuing or carrying heavy bags and skis at airport check-in or ‘special baggage’ – go straight to Airport security for departures
  • No waiting at airport carousels or baggage reclaim at Arrivals – head straight to your onward travel 
  • No more need for Arrivals trolley loan and inconvenience (sourcing a Euro for its release / picking ‘the wobbly one’) 
  • No more need to carry heavy luggage and skis from airport to resort – all baggage at location waiting your arrival


  • Booking is a click away – book online and relax. Luggage and skis collected from home/collection points before travel and will be at your destination on arrival 
  • Less stressful travel – eliminates any reliance on airplane baggage system and avoids unnecessary queuing
  • No last minute packing – once baggage and skis are collected all you have to worry about is passport, money and getting to the airport on time


  • Eliminating stressful queuing, Piste of Mind buys you time at the airport to enjoy and relax – not stressing!
  • Overall quicker airport experience. No more waiting in queues for manual check-in or ‘special baggage’ 


  • Piste of Mind uses a trusted and reliable carrier who cares for your baggage and skis 


  • Prices are comparative to booking luggage ‘in the hold’ on most airlines-
  • Combined with Ski Equipment your Luggage could go free-See Discounts   
  • If travelling in a group can pool luggage, reducing cost booking independently whether with the airline or Piste of Mind
  • Contact-01215748774-07943746052