1.      General
As a user of the Piste of Mind service you, the customer, acknowledge that you have read and agreed with and are thereby bound to our terms and conditions outlined below.

These terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy govern your use of the Piste of Mind website and service and your relationship with Piste of Mind.  Please read them carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under the law.  If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions and/or our Privacy Policy, please do not use the Piste of Mind site/service. 

Payment for the service is to be made online at the time of booking. 

You, the customer, are responsible for packing your items in a safe and secure manner prior to collection, transportation and delivery, and completing all documention including the securing of Document Enclosed Wallet  

It is essential that emergency contact telephone numbers are provided at the time of booking.

At the time of collection of the consignment you will be required to sign a disclaimer confirming that you have packed the items yourself and that any defects in the items are listed and itemised accordingly on the disclaimer. Refusal to sign will result in cancellation of the contract and the consignment will not be collected.  You will receive a refund of any monies paid subject to a deduction for administration.

The contract for services between you, the customer and Piste of Mind will be made upon submission of your order/payment and confirmation by Piste of Mind that the order has been accepted.  You will then be bound by the terms and conditions.


2.         Amendments
We may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time and any changes will be notified to you via the e-mail address provided by you on registration or via a suitable announcement on the Piste of Mind site after we have given notice. 

3.         Obligation to our Customers
 Piste of Mind will arrange collection and delivery of the consignment in accordance of the details given to us as the time of booking through our network of service partners.

 Piste of Mind have the right to refuse any order/user from our automated booking system.

 Piste of Mind have the right to refuse a consignment for reasons such as insufficient packaging or the consignment being larger/heavier that that which was stated at the time of booking.

 Whilst Piste of Mind will endeavour to pick up/return your consignment at the pre-arranged dates and times if so arranged see clause 6 Collection and Delivery.

4.         Liability

Insurance.The limit of Piste of Mind's (PoM's) liability for customer equipment damaged or lost in transit is that for which PoM has insurance cover. This is presently £60 for total loss or damage. Further cover may be purchased from PoM by the customer as follows: 1. Goods securely packaged total loss or damage up to £1000 per consignment at the price published on the website at the time of booking and payment. 2. Goods not securely packaged are covered up to £50 for total loss only. Customers are advised to take out their own equipment or related travel insurance. If part of the consignment is lost or damaged on additionsl insured goods, it will be the customers resonsibility to justify the value of the lost bags and also the split between the consignmnt.

The person placing the order is responsible for the information entered, including full addresses and post codes. Piste of Mind will not be held responsible for wrong information that is entered and any delay that this may cause you. No refunds will be given.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all the details, including full addresses and post codes, are correctly completed and displayed on the parcel and no claim or reduction will be made if the parcel is sent and the details were incorrect or placed on the wrong or incorrect parcel. It is not the responsibility of Piste of Mind's driver, agents or sub-contractors, to check the information so please ensure that it is checked and correct before the driver leaves.

The customer will be liable for any damage caused in travel to other shipments or property resulting from sending a prohibited item or an item that is insufficiently packed.

Liability is limited to the negligence of Piste of Mind only. Such liability is further limited to the direct loss suffered by the customer who placed the order.

Nothing in this agreement shall be deemed to limit or exclude Piste of Mind's liability for fraud or death or personal injury caused by the negligence of Piste of Mind or to the extent otherwise not permitted by law.

The customer will indemnify Piste of Mind in respect of all claims, demands, liabilities costs or expenses incurred by Piste of Mind or their employees, agents or sub-contractors in relation to any claims by third parties arising in connection with this agreement or as a result of Piste of Mind providing services which are in excess of the liability of Piste of Mind under this agreement.

Loss or damage under the following conditions will not be covered:

Acts of God

Consequences of War or Terrorism

Insufficient packaging

Incorrect, failure or loss of labelling

Prohibited or illegal items

Force Majeure

Any claim must be made in writing to Piste of Mind within 10 days in the case of damage or 21 days in the case of total loss. 


5.         Prohibited Items
It is your responsibility to ensure that nothing is packed other than the items listed at the time of ordering.  In addition if any one of the following items in this list is collected by Piste of Mind you are then liable to be surcharged and your consignment returned to the original pick up address.  No refund will be made and any compensation claims will be void.  If it is apparent that any prohibited items are included in the consignment then Piste of Mind will refuse to collect.

            List of Prohibited Items (this list is not exhausted and Piste of Mind reserve the right to add or delete items as appropriate from time to time)
            Perishable goods including food and drink of any description
            Animal skins/furs/any animal parts/ivory and ivory products
            Dangerous goods – eg. Explosives/fireworks/radioactive materials/deactivated or replica weapons/or munitions/firearms/ swords/knives/engines/gearboxes or part having contained oil/petrol.
            Fire extinguishers/life jackets
            Hazardous materials eg aerosols/paint/adhesives/chemicals/flammable resins, solvents, liquids/’compressed air/items containing any gases
            Household goods containing flammablke or corrosive liquids, such as oven or drain cleaners.
            Live animals
            Magnets or items containing ferro-magnetic material
            Mobile phones
            Money, keys, negotiable items/payment cards
            Personal effects other than those listed in the order
            Pornographic materials
            Tobacco and tobacco related products
            Drugs illegal or prescribed,
            Wet or lithium batteries


6.         Collection & Delivery
The automated system books the collection place and day at the customers request.

All collections and deliveries require a signature to verify the contents in accordance with the disclaimer note above and also to confirm that the collection/delivery occurred.

It is the customers duty to ensure that that they are in at the collection time requested and that there is someone available to take delivery.

If for any reason it becomes apparent that you are not able to be available at the time of the requested collection then you must notify Piste of Mind immediately on the contact number provided       and in any event no less than 24 hours prior to the requested delivery time.

If you have not informed Piste of Mind as above in advance and you are out when the driver tries to collect your consignment for the outward journey then this will result in a failed collection and you will be liable for any resultant costs or charges that may be incurred as provided by our agents or sub-contractors.

 If you have not informed Piste of Mind as above in advance and you are out when the driver tries to deliver your consignment after the return journey your consignment will be kept in secure storage until an alternative date for return is arranged.  You will be liable to pay any charges incurred in respect of any resultant costs or charges that may be incurred as provided by our agents or sub-contractors.

All changes to collection or delivery arrangements other than those made by Piste of Mind will result in an additional charge to the customer.

Late collection or non-delivery. In the event of late or non-delivery, other than due to a breach of other conditions of this contract, during the period between arranged delivery to resort and arranged collection, Piste of Mind will reimburse you for the cost of like-for-like equipment at no charge to the customer for the period of late or non-delivery up to £25 per day for Equipment and £10.00 per day for clothing, up to a maximum of 4 days, or by prior approval directly from Piste of Mind if this limit may be exceeded. Claims for costs in excess of this are dependant upon the insurance provisions in Section 4. Lost or damaged equipment will be subject to the insurance provision in Section 4 and other relevant conditions of this contract. Receipts should be provided accordingly for the temporary rental of any such equipment to support any claim.

Adverse Weather Conditions. Piste of Mind will not accept liability for non or late delivery or collection of goods which occur as a reuslt of adverse weather conditions. 

7.         Damage and Loss
Loss or damage to your consignment during your time at the resort and at any time prior to collection is solely the responsibility of the owner.  In addition, loss or damage caused to your consignment as a result of intervention by law enforcement agencies, or customs authorities is beyond the control of Piste of Mind and no liability will be accepted by the company.

Piste of Mind will accept no liability for any prohibited item that is lost or damaged through our services.  A claim cannot be made for prohibited items as they are either excluded from our services and/or sent at the customers risk.  A customer ticks our terms and conditions on our site when placing their order to state that they have read the list of prohibited items at the time of ordering.

In the rare event of damage all packaging must be kept for inspection.  The items must be available for inspection in the state it was delivered, at the address it was delivered to.  If the item is moved/repaired or if the packaging is not kept any claim will be voided.  Photographs of the internal and external packaging as well as the damaged item must be supplied to support a claim.

 In the event of damage, repair costs must be supplied.  If the item cannot be repaired then we would need this in writing from a specialist for the full claim amount to be considered.

 A lost claim can only be processed once Piste of Mind have made extensive searches and deems the goods as lost.

            Hazardous, dangerous or illegal goods are strictly prohibited from our services.  Failure to declare can lead to prosecution where unlimited fines and/or imprisonment is possible.
            Loss or damage under the following conditions will not be covered:-
            Acts of God
            Consequences of War
            Insufficient packaging
            Incorrect labelling
            Prohibited/Illegal items
            Any claim must be brought to us within 10 days of receipt in the case of damage, and in 21 days in the case of loss.

8.        Payment for additional and surcharges.

The customer irrevocably agrees that additional and surcharges incurred under this contract can be settled by Piste of Mind by debiting the customer's payment card.

9.        Fuel surcharges.

The customer agrees that additional fuel costs incurred by Piste of Mind in connection with the delivery or collection of the customer's goods after customer booking and payment will be charged to and paid for by the customer. 

Piste of Mind reserves the right to add a fuel charge to the cost of the customer's booking in the event that Piste of Mind is so charged.


10.       Severability
 If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be unenforceable as a matter of law, the enforceability of any other part of these terms and conditions will not be affected.


11.         Governing Law
 These terms and conditions and any contract between us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English Law and the English Courts shall have jurisdiction over any disputes between us.

12.       Statutory Rights
 These terms and conditions are in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer which remain unaffected. The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to this agreement.

13.       Complaints
Piste of Mind aim to provide an outstanding customer service.  If you have any complaint about the service you have received from us please contact us directly or alternatively email us.

Piste of Mind and its website is owned and operated by Piste of Mind, a company registered in England and Wales whose registered office is at 169 Preston Rd, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 6AG.

If you have any queries please contact:

14. Further Conditions.

  1. Excess weight or excess dimensional weight. If you do not pay for excess weight or dimensional weight at the time of booking and it is later found to have been necessary you will be charged £2 per kg and an administration fee of £15.00 per package.  
  2. Packaging. If you send your goods without them being securely packaged to protect them we, our agents or sub-contractors, reserve the right to refuse or defer their collection uintil such time that this has been rectified.   
  3. You must contact your hotel or villa to ensure that your equipment can be received, signed for and stored pending your arrival departure. Failure to do so may result in additional charges and/or non delivery or collection of your goods.You must also ensure that your equipment can remain at the hotel or villa until such time as it is collected. Failure to make these arrangements could lead to your equipment not being delivered and/or collected and you having to pay additional charges. 
  4. Delivery dates. So as to ensure timely delivery of your equipment you must book and pay for it at least 2 working days prior to its collection and have it collected from your home at least 6 working days prior to you requiring it in the resort. The customer must therefore book and make payment at least 8 working days before the equipment is required at its destination.

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