STEP 1- Create an account-Complete order Documentation

  • Register as a new member or log in if you are a returning customer, you can then start your order.
  • You can then start the order process by selecting the appropriate Size and weight for each individual item of Luggage and Equipment.Please make sure these are correct as any we do charge surchages for luggage that is found to be either over the size or over the weight paid. All packages are measured and weighed.
  • If you require collection only from your holiday  or delivery only to the resort please click the correct to and from in the dropdown box.
  • Complete all documentation, and ensure the collection/receiving delivery address has the correct post code, name of contact, telephone number and email.  
  • We offer insurance of £60 per item of luggage, but you will be offered the option to increase this to £1000 per Consignment  
  • Complete Payment using our automated payment scheme. 
  • The  service is based on receiving confirmation order 8 days prior to your arrival. Please note we do not collect or deliver on weekends. Collections are usually 24 hours from confirmation of order on weekdays -we will notify of the expected day.
  • We collect during the hours 8.00 am till 6.00 pm and can collect from a predetermined safe place this needs to be arranged when booking, once we have arranged collection we give you a booking referance and you can contact our couriers to arrange a argeed time.We will collect at any address and it may be more convenient to collect from a neighbour, your work or your designated collection address.We have now introduced collection/delivery  points from all DHL SERVICE CENTRES these are listed on the following link  Please note it is only the main service centres, if you require this facility please put this as the collection address on your order.
  • We will then confirm your order within 24 hours and send the  luggage labels for all items for your collection from your nominated address and also  your return luggage labels-One label per item for each of delivery and collection
  • We will also send you a tracking number so you can monitor your luggage and also identify who has signed for your luggage.In certain instances tracking numbers on return journey may be different to outboard we will advise of new tracking number.

STEP 2- Packing Your Luggage

  • Weigh and measure your luggage to make sure it fits with the weight option you have booked. Excesses will be charged including administration charge
  • Make sure your bags are locked and secure for their trip
  • Print and fold luggage labels which will be emailed to you,(and retain the return labels ) place in a transparent/clear container or Document Enclosed  Wallet ensuring that the bar code can be read easily. It needs to be flat on the luggage/Equipment and all the bar code needs to be visible. 
  • We advise the use of Document Enclosed Wallet.These are readily available from Post Office and Stationers 
  • We advise that the/Transparent container / Document Enclosed wallet is secured on at least two sides around the luggage/ski equipment. We advise Duck Tape tape is used. 
  • Please use the flatest side of case/bag to place the label. Below is a picture of the label and how it should be attached - ensure the label is very well fastened, wrapped around your ski/boot bag. 

STEP 3- Collecting your Luggage and equipment at your resort

  • On the day of departure we require your luggage packed and available at 9.00 am.Please make sure you take your return luggage labels. (sent with initial confirmation)
  • You will need  transparent containers or  Documents Enclosed Wallets and Duck/Masking tape, and follow packing instruction.
  • Inform the receptionist or Concierge that your luggage will be collected
  • If your departure day is on a weekend we will try and collect on the next working day. Working Days Monday to Friday. 
  • If you need to change the collection address please notify us by email at least three days prior to departure
  • You will not be able to monitor your luggage on your tracking number until this is bar code scanned and within the system
  • We will notify you of the expected delivery date either on the initial order or by email.
  • If there are any alterations to delivery dates you will be able to monitor with your tracking number. 

STEP 4- What you need to do-What you need to know

  • Make sure the somebody is available from 8.00 am till 6.00 pm on the day of collection. Remember-We do not collect on weekends and we do not collect unless we can obtain a signature from the nominated address-We also will not collect from your garage or any other places or liaise with you. We will generally return the next day. 
  • Contact your hotel or chalet to tell them that your equipment/Luggage will arrive ahead of you.We will email all details and expected delivery dates to them also and forward any correspondence received to you .If you do not have a contact telephone number or email of your arrival address we will contact you and also send  all correspondence to you , it will be your responsibility to liaise regarding receipt of luggage/Equipment.
  • If you are arriving at the weekend we will deliver on the last working day prior or the day before.
  • The service is based on 8 days from the confirmation order, so place order 9 days prior to delivery. We also offer a 3/4 day emergency service prices on application-either contact or email
  • If travelling as a group or family allow time to collate all luggage at one address.


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